The support of volunteers is critical to BOHO’s services to the homeless. We appreciate the time, energy, and efforts of everyone who works on behalf of those who need shelter–thank you. Together we build community!

Are you interested in volunteering with BOHO? Wonderful! Here are some activities you might consider. If you see something that interests you, send us an email and we’ll get you set up!

Thank you!!

1. Volunteering at one of the BOHO Emergency Warming Centers. This could be any day of the week, morning or evening shifts. There are tasks to accomplish (clearing table and chairs out of the rooms to be used, setting out blankets, serving food, washing dishes, putting blankets away and rearranging room, serving breakfast, clean up…) that you can help with, but the main goal of our volunteers is to give the gift of your presence to our guests, listen to their stories, build relationships, and make the building a welcoming place.

2. Making notification phone calls. Every day that a Warming Center is open BOHO contacts by phone a number of organizations around town (hospital, police, library…) to let them know that we’re open, and when and where. Volunteers make these phone calls, which take about 15 minutes a day. There will be an online schedule showing when it’s each person’s turn to make calls and each volunteer will be responsible for a week or two sometime this winter.

3. Bookkeeping- BOHO is looking for one or two folks who have experience with Quickbooks to help with some of BOHO’s bookkeeping.

4. Medical Respite Boulder– BOHO houses sick/injured folks who are homeless in a hotel for a few days while they recuperate. Volunteers visit offering support. One volunteer adopts one client and visit them every day for their stay (up to 2 weeks).

5. Food- FEED (Friends Encouraging Eating Daily) partners with BOHO to provide a small dinner/breakfast at every EWC. Want to help cook, bake, or pick up donations of food? This is a great opportunity for you!

Don't see the right fit? Just drop us an email and let us know more about your interests. We’ll work with you to find the right volunteer activity. Thanks!

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