EWC Info

The status of emergency warming centers (that is whether open or closed) will be on the main page of this web site. The emergency warming centers are only open when dangerous conditions are present; the decision is made on a day-by-day basis.

The schedule for the EWCs for the 2011-2012 season when open is as follows:

Sunday @ Cornerstone Church
– 1190 S Lashley Lane (south of Table Mesa & one block east of Broadway)



Monday @ St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
– 2425 Colorado Boulevard (on Colorado Boulevard east of Folsom)
RTD: HOP, 209 & Stampede


Tuesday @ Boulder Mennonite Church
– 3910 Table Mesa Ave (on Table Mesa & 39th)
RTD: 204, 206 & DASH


Wednesday @ St. Andrew Presbyterian Church– 3700 Baseline Rd (on Baseline & 37th)
RTD: 203 & 225




Thursday @ Congregation Har HaShem
– 3901 Pinon Drive (one block south of Baseline Road, next to St. Andrews. Walk through Har HaShem’s Baseline parking lot towards Pinon Drive.)
RTD: 203 & 225



Friday @ Crestview Church
– 3665 Madison Ave (on Madison & 36th between Aurora & Colorado)
RTD: 209 on Aurora; STAMPEDE on Colorado; 209 & BOUND on 30th



Saturday @ Boulder Seventh Day Baptist Church
– 6710 Arapahoe (on the south side of Arapahoe)
RTD: JUMP on Arapahoe

About the Free HOP bus
The weekday Free HOP Bus to the emergency warming centers (EWCs) will begin Thursday, December 1, 2011 (if there is an EWC open that night). Monday through Friday when there are EWCs open, the bus will start from the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless at about 7 p.m. (or a little after) and then stop at 11th & Walnut at about 7:15 p.m. (or a little later) to pick up riders going to the EWC. From 6 p.m. Monday through Friday anyone can board any HOP bus along its route and ride for free to 11th & Walnut to catch the Free HOP bus to the EWC; just ask the HOP driver for a ride to the warming center stop.

On Saturdays starting in November, 2011,when an EWC is open there will be a Free HOP bus that picks up at 5:15 p.m. at 11th & Walnut. It will go to the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless first. Anyone wanting to stay at the Shelter will get off of the bus; anyone wanting to ride to the EWC should remain on the bus. The Free HOP bus will then drive via Hwy 36, down 28th Street and stop at the bus stop at 29th & Arapahoe (on the south side of Arapahoe) between 5:35-5:45 p.m. then continue on to the EWC. If anyone wants to board the bus anywhere along the route, they can wave at the driver to stop. The driver will stop if it is a safe place, and if there is room, the driver will accept riders to the EWC or Shelter at no charge.

Weekends and weekdays, if a person wanting to stay at the Shelter does not get in, the Shelter will try to provide transportation to the EWC or another destination.

(Click here–Free HOP 2011-2012 season handout-1 page–if you would like to print the information about transportation with a map. Or if you want to read it online, click here.)

Many thanks to Special Transit, a non-profit organization, for supporting transportation to the EWCs and the Shelter.

If you are under 18 years of age and need shelter Attention Homes is a good resource. Located at 3080 Broadway in Boulder (just half a block north of Broadway and Elder), Attention Homes’ facilities and programs are designed for youth. The SKIP bus can get you there. The phone number for Attention Homes is 303.447.1207. Please contact them. (You can read more about their services on this site here.)


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