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Dream what could be done

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Chris and April wedding

Chris and April were married on March 16, 2012 at Crestview Church. It was a beautiful ceremony and celebration. All good wishes to them in their new life together!

Pre-order Until They Have Faces

Until They Have Faces is almost ready for printing and there is the opportunity to pre-order. Here is the announcement from David Page, photographer and organizer of the book: “We are beginning the process of gathering pre-publication book reservations. While this process probably will not influence the quantity of books we will print — expecting to print 500 — this will assure that those who sign up early are assured to get a book if sales exceed expectations. So, if you would like to reserve a copy, this form has been created to tell the details. Just send me an email ( with your contact info (name, email address, phone number) and we will notify you when the books are ready for sale. The price will be $35.00 each. We are expecting the books to be ready in February.”

The proceeds from book sales will be distributed between BOHO and Bridge House.

For more information about the book and its making, please visit

“Surviving Homelessness” by Michelle Burcume

I may be homeless
but I have feelings too,
the things that you say
make me feel blue.
Try for one month
living my life,
See how it hurts
it cuts like a knife.
Not knowing where
your next meal will be
You want out of this life
you want to be free.
Try living one month
on food stamps alone,
Having no money
not even a phone.
Trying to survive
a cold winter night,
Trying to keep warm
it’s a terrible sight.
The warming centers
aren’t always there,
So we sleep on the
streets and people stare.
It hurts my feelings
living this way,
One day it’ll be over,
a house where I’ll stay.
Helping others the
way I was,
Not cause I have to,
Just because.
Because I’ve been there,
unlike some of you,
Live my live once,
see somethingnew.
Fly a sign for
money & Gear
sleep on the streets
living in fear.
Fear of not making
it through a cold night,
Fear of being robbed
or killed on sight.
I know this all
sounds really bad,
But it happens to us,
and it makes me mad.
I wish I could make
it all go away,
I wish for one place
for all us to stay,
thanks be to God,
for Whitehorse & Chris,
If not for them,
it be hit or miss.
Between them and
churches around town,
I’m in a safe place
not feeling down.
The only time I
feel really down,
Is when I sleep on
the streets and
walk through town.
I walk the streets to
keep the chill gone,
People still laugh
they can’t see it’s wrong.
It’s wrong the way
they laugh at us,
Please help us out,
it’s no big fuss.
Give us a place
we can call home,
Forever help us,
no more to roam.
–April 4, 2011