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New BOHO board member

On Wednesday, September 19, the Board of BOHO elected Mike Homner to be a director. Mike has volunteered with BOHO for over a year serving on the Development Team and working with various special projects, including the acquisition of a truck. His “passion and compassion” serve as an inspiration to many. Mike’s varied life experiences will be a great asset to BOHO.

Mike stated that he hopes to focus his contributions with BOHO on, “keeping our core mission in the forefront, providing a warm, safe place for those who don’t have a home to sleep; doing our best to understand the communities needs and fulfilling them, never leaving one anyone behind in the cold.” Mike reminds us “everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect no matter what part of the socially economic ladder they may be at the moment.”

Mike’s professional experience as a business owner and his work history with a variety of fortune 100 companies will be a great addition to BOHO in establishing partnerships.

And yet, while Mike is dedicated to the mission of BOHO and works diligently to support those in need, he says other aspects of his life offer great opportunities (and challenges!): “Definitely the hardest, most exhausting, but yet the most fulfilling job I ever had was being a father. I’ve spent many days and long nights doing what every parent does, worry.”

The BOHO community is happy to welcome Mike into this new role. Thanks, Mike!


Transitions on the Board of BOHO

Ken Miller has stepped down from the board of BOHO in order to spend more time with his main focus, Project Revive. One of BOHO’s original directors, Ken has a long-term perspective and an eye for future directions that will be sorely missed.

Ken’s work to bring all sectors of Boulder together to address the issues of homelessness has been a model for building community. One stellar example of Ken’s gifts, began with Project Revive’s initiative to invite volunteers to clean up Boulder Creek. Most poignant was the work of the volunteers who were homeless; they got sponsors for their efforts raising money for those in need in other countries. After the Creek clean up David and Elle Page were inspired to create the book Until They Have Faces, with portraits and stories of our homeless neighbors. In part because of Ken’s support, the book was designed to be a fundraiser for BOHO and Bridge House. And if serving as the catalyst for the project wasn’t enough, Ken coordinated the fantastic book launch event! This is just one example of Ken’s reach into the community to bring together diverse groups for a common goal.

Thank you, Ken, for your considerable support of BOHO. We have all benefited from your vision of community.

Changes on the BOHO Board of Directors

On May 30, the Board of Directors announced that Nancy Brinks has been elected chair of the Board of Directors. Ms Brinks has been a member of the board since August, 2011 and is a member of the BOHO Executive Committee and leads the BOHO Development Committee. Ms Brinks said “I am honored to serve BOHO in this capacity and look forward to a year of continued development of programs and services offered by BOHO.”

BOHO thanks William Sweeney, member of the BOHO board, BOHO Treasurer and BOHO Executive Committee member who has been acting in the role of interim Chair of BOHO since March 2012.

Board news

Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow (BOHO) has today announced that Anne Doyle has stepped down from her position of Chair of the Board of Directors. Ms. Doyle has provided visionary leadership to BOHO in its first two years of full-scale operation. She will continue as a member of the BOHO board, as director of BOHO’s emerging program, Medical Respite Boulder (MRB), and as a member of BOHO’s Executive Committee.

Ms. Doyle said, “BOHO has achieved many goals in its first two years as it has become a sustainable, long-term source of care for Boulder’s homeless community. I look forward to leading MRB as it develops.”

BOHO also announces that William Sweeney, who is currently serving as a member of the BOHO board, as BOHO Treasurer, and as a member of BOHO’s Executive Committee, has been appointed as Chair for an interim term while a search is conducted for a long-term successor to Ms. Doyle.

Mr. Sweeney said, “I am honored to serve BOHO in this new capacity, leading BOHO through the remainder of the 2011-2012 Emergency Warming Center (EWC) season as well as the launch of the MRB program.”

BOHO also announces that BOHO directors Jacob Kuhns and Greg Wright, who had each served three-year terms since BOHO’s formation, have stepped down, and that Kym Dray has been appointed as a director of BOHO for a three-year term.

Ms. Dray said, “I hope to support the continuing development of BOHO’s EWC and MRB programs, which fill gaps in shelter and care for Boulder’s homeless community”.

For more information about MRB, providing “home care for those without a home” to Boulder’s homeless community, click here).

Are you following BOHO on Twitter?

Please do! You will learn more about BOHO and the activities that go on with the “safety net for the safety net” in Boulder. Find us @BOHOcommunity!

Medical Respite Boulder

Medical Respite Boulder provides “home care for those with no home.” After operating a very successful pilot from late March until early October 2011, Medical Respite Boulder is on hiatus as it secures funding and organizes to become a long-term sustainable program. You can read more in this story appearing in today’s Daily Camera or visit Medical Respite Boulder’s website.

Medical Respite Boulder joined the emergency warming centers as a program of BOHO a few months ago, helping to further the mission to “…to meet, as a community, the emergent needs for basic shelter and care not served because of gaps in the Boulder support network.” Volunteers for both programs work diligently to provide life-saving support for those in need.

BOHO serves as the “safety net for the safety net” in Boulder. Medical Respite Boulder is another key part of the BOHO community.

Happy holidays to one and all from the BOHO community!

Working for a truck–as community

Read about the many folks in our community working to help BOHO get a truck…

Congregations featured

The support of congregations for the community is highlighted in this article of the Boulder Weekly, Season of Service.

BOHO is especially thankful to the congregations that provide the facilities for the emergency warming centers, the volunteers that help, the folks that share their time building community, and financial support that goes to pay staff (all currently or formerly homeless folks). You make it all possible!

News about the Free Bus, Saturday, Nov 12, 2011

Note about the Free Bus tonight, Saturday, November 12, 2011:
There will be a free HOP bus (thanks to Special Transit!!) to the EWC with pick up 5:35-5:45 p at the bus stop on the south side of Arapahoe between 28th and 29th Street (after drop off at the Shelter). Also, the free HOP bus will pick folks up along the route if they wave to the driver.

The free bus will go first to 11th & Walnut at 5:15 p.m. to pick up all riders to the EWC or to the Shelter. It will go to the Shelter and drop off everyone who wants to stay there. Then that same bus will continue with passengers to the EWC via 28th Street. It will stop at the bus stop on the south side of Arapahoe between 28th and 29th Street between 5:35-5:45 p.m. to pick up passengers to the EWC. If anyone is walking along the route and waves to the HOP free bus driver, the bus will stop and pick them up.

Questions? You can send an email to