New BOHO board member

On Wednesday, September 19, the Board of BOHO elected Mike Homner to be a director. Mike has volunteered with BOHO for over a year serving on the Development Team and working with various special projects, including the acquisition of a truck. His “passion and compassion” serve as an inspiration to many. Mike’s varied life experiences will be a great asset to BOHO.

Mike stated that he hopes to focus his contributions with BOHO on, “keeping our core mission in the forefront, providing a warm, safe place for those who don’t have a home to sleep; doing our best to understand the communities needs and fulfilling them, never leaving one anyone behind in the cold.” Mike reminds us “everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect no matter what part of the socially economic ladder they may be at the moment.”

Mike’s professional experience as a business owner and his work history with a variety of fortune 100 companies will be a great addition to BOHO in establishing partnerships.

And yet, while Mike is dedicated to the mission of BOHO and works diligently to support those in need, he says other aspects of his life offer great opportunities (and challenges!): “Definitely the hardest, most exhausting, but yet the most fulfilling job I ever had was being a father. I’ve spent many days and long nights doing what every parent does, worry.”

The BOHO community is happy to welcome Mike into this new role. Thanks, Mike!


One response to “New BOHO board member

  • Michael Fitzgerald

    This is a good choice. I have known Mr. Homner for over a year and have worked with him in some of his charitable conquests. I find his heart is his greatest asset. I know that BOHO Community has gained a good friend and will do a lot to achieve the community’s goals.

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