Exercise for BOHO!

This weekend, December 3 & 4, Mountain’s Edge Fitness Center is hosting an exercise fund raiser for Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow (BOHO) called “Give Me Shelter.” The funds raised will be used to purchase a much needed truck to transport blankets and equipment to each of the emergency warming center sites.*

BOHO is inviting you to help!

Here is what you can do:
You can sponsor someone already signed up to exercise. Many folks are pledging to pay $25 or more for a BOHO representative to exercise for an hour at Mountain’s Edge Fitness Center**. Every penny of that money will be used for the truck! (If you’re not sure who to pledge, just email BOHO@BOHOcommunity.com with your pledge and a BOHO rep will exercise for the funds.)
You exercise for BOHO yourself! Find sponsors who will make pledges for you to exercise for free for an hour (or however long you want) and come out to Mountain’s Edge Fitness Center** on Saturday or Sunday and have some fun raising money for BOHO. (A copy of the pledge sheet is attached—just print it and you are set to go.) Afterwards you will need to collect the pledges and send the funds to BOHO, P.O. Box 1393, Boulder, CO 80306.
You can volunteer to come and be at the BOHO table at Mountain’s Edge Fitness for an hour or two on Saturday (Dec 3) or Sunday (Dec 4) to help folks learn about BOHO, field questions about sign-up sheets, maybe bring some snacks for those working out.

It’s that easy—supporting a very worthwhile program AND staying fit!! Please feel free to contact Laurie (the event planner) with any questions: 720-394-3178 or ldavies@comcast.net.

Thank you for your interest in BOHO and for your support of this event!!

**Mountain’s Edge Fitness Center is located in the southwest corner of Table Mesa Shopping Center at 693-K South Broadway Street Boulder, CO 80305.

*BOHO partners with faith communities to open emergency warming centers when the temperatures are dangerously cold—below 38 deg F and wet or below 32 deg F and dry. BOHO has no shelter of its own so each night of the week the warming centers move to a different faith community; this makes moving blankets and equipment a big job.


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