CU Students design truck storage

The First Year Engineering students at CU took on a big project in the fall: designing the storage area for a truck that BOHO will use to transport blankets, equipment and cold weather gear to each emergency warming center site. The only problem was BOHO didn’t have the truck….YET!

But the students went ahead anyway and designed the area creating a storage closet that will be installed in the truck once it is purchased. The team consists of five students: Pia Dechamps, Rob Miles, Eddie Burch, Connor Savage, Matt Spacek.

They put the finishing touches on the cabinet on Friday–painting the cabinet with two BOHO supporters–Kym Dray and Bobby.

And the good news is that BOHO is holding a fund raiser tomorrow at Mountain’s Edge Fitness, hopefully to get the money needed for the truck! (To see more photos, visit BOHO’s facebook page. Be sure to “like” BOHO while there!)

If you would like to see the cabinet, there will be an expo at the Engineering School open to the public on Saturday, December 4 from noon til 3 p.m. Go see it!


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