Debbie Keene steps down from BOHO Board

Debbie Keene came to BOHO after reading about an opportunity to help with emergency warming centers (EWC) in a volunteer network. She immediately organized the calling network used to notify agencies and organizations that serve our homeless whenever an EWC was going to happen. She created a process and made about 12 calls each of the 81 nights in the 2009-2010 season. Finally, during the next season she got some help and a group of volunteers rotated the task of calling. But Debbie got it started!

Given her skills with spreadsheets she also set up a record of the number of guests at each EWC. These records are very important to our faith partners who host the EWCs, to the granting agencies who fund BOHO, and to the community as feedback about how many folks need shelter on dangerously cold nights.

Debbie is taking courses and is involved in an internship to learn to be a case manager. This fall she will be busier than ever with those responsibilities so had to resign from the BOHO Board after serving as a director for two years.

Thank you, Debbie! You have been a true advocate for those in need and a friend of BOHO. We look forward to working together in new ways in the future. We wish you well in your endeavors–you’ll be a great case manager!!


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