Callers celebrate season

An unseen but very important role when opening each emergency warming center (EWC) is the caller. Once BOHO’s operations manager decides to open an EWC for the night, he contacts the scheduled caller who contacts the local services and agencies–police, library, hospital, mental health center, day center, shelter, and more–with the location, the time it will open and who is in charge. And the caller records this information on BOHO’s EWC Daily Status Line–a voice message that anyone can call anytime (303-695-8901) to learn if the EWC will be open and, if so, where. It takes about 20-30 minutes for the caller to complete the calls.

Without these contacts, those in need of shelter would not know about the EWCs and would be at risk of injury, or even death, from exposure. Thankfully word travels fast, but the communication network is critical.

And so, BOHO thanks the volunteers who made these important calls over 153 nights during the last winter season!! They worked as a team but had not met each other before the night of July 12 when they came together for dinner/dessert. While everyone could not attend, the group present celebrated their service and each other. Thanks to each and every one!!


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