Building an opportunity to exchange goods and services

A clearing house where people can name needs they have and resources they have access to. The goal is to help, for example, introduce the person who needs a couch with the person who has an extra one. Or perhaps someone has a truck and someone else needs help moving into an apartment. It is a centralized place where the homeless community in Boulder County can list needs and also meet needs.

Anyone in Boulder County who is connected to the homeless community

BOHO Community Share through Neighbor Goods

1. Go to
2. Sign up by creating a log-in name and password or use either a Face Book or Twitter account
3. Go to groups and search for “BOHO Community Share”
4. Everyone who uses this site in a way that helps people get the items and help they need is welcome, so simply request to be part of the group and you will be added
5. List your needs
6. Read over others’ needs and see if there is anything you can do for someone else

Why Should You Join?
Do you have extra items sitting around that you never use? Do you know how to do things like apply for social security? Do you know about an apartment that’s available? Do you need a particular item? Do you also know other people who would answer “yes” to any of these questions?

You can be a connector who links together needs and resources.
Be an individual who directly helps other people by being a part of BOHO Community Share.


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