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On Wednesday, December 1, 2010 BOHO hosted a community forum. About 22 people attended a discussion about the complexity of systems for those who are homeless. Amy Alper, PA, and Amy Russell, MD, both of Peoples Clinic, offered insights into how the health care is organized, some of the financial resources, and issues about access.

These are the notes from the moderator, Teresa Spears:

BOHO Meeting December 2010

Attention Homes
– Located at 3080 Broadway – on the corner of Broadway and Elder
-Dec. 15th Attention Homes will add 12 more beds in which client can access with just a name
-Attention Homes work with individuals from age 12-17 – 12-13 year olds are referred elsewhere and 14-17 year olds can get basic service with no ID from 8:30 to 1:30.
-Jim Rianoshek is the executive director and can be reached at 303/447-1206

People’s Clinic
Located at 2525 13th Street – in the old Kaiser Building
Open: 8am -8pm Tues-Weds-Thurs; 8am – 5pm Mon- Fri
– provides service to individuals that are 200% above poverty line
-has an outreach program Tuesdays morning and Thursdays afternoons –to get exact schedule contact Amy Alper. This program is free to the homeless. They also provide referrals for mental health and substance abuse issues
-does not pass on patient lists
-does not provide medical marijuana
-can make referrals to specialists, however they have very limited resources, for example, one consult per month for GI
-can provide non-controlled medications – free for homeless
-has bridge funding
-do not carry narcotics on the premise, however, they will prescribe them
-does not provide dental – there is low cost dental at Dental Aid in Boulder and in Denver at 40th and Pecos at a even more reduced cost
-has Medical Home Certification – reimbursement
-has a Primary Care Provider or team to give 24/7 access
-offers computerized medical records that makes it easier to share info with other medical providers when necessary (IT –Information Technology)-
-is Patient centered
-has a patient on Board to help keep involved
– has Case managers can keep message consistent
– hopefully by Jan 2011 they can make information reliable and consistent with all agencies
-Additional note: Peoples is developing a process to help those patients who go to the ER after hours and don’t have either contact with a People’s doctor or the ER nurse case manager. For those people, Peoples will guarantee a set appointment time here at People’s the following day that a homeless person (not otherwise necessarily known to People’s) could come to. That way, the treating doctor and patient will know that follow-up is available the next morning at 11:00 at Peoples to get them ongoing medical help and hopefully prevent a subsequent visit to the ER. Peoples will have the patients record from the ER visit the night before to assure better continuity of care.

Other related discussion topics
– We need to repair damage to Pridemark –they know they will never get paid if servicing a homeless person
-Anne will investigate recycled prescriptions
– City funding should provide more funds since BOHO creates a benefit to the community by giving people a place to go
– BOHO is working on private funding
– Medical Respite Boulder is getting organized in Boulder– It will provide “home care to the homeless”

Special Transit
-Picks people up at the Homeless Shelter in the morning and drops them off in the evening during the week
-They have a new program that picks up the people that cannot get into the Shelter and drives them to the emergency warming center
-This Program is only funded during the week – gives us opportunity to brainstorm how the need on the weekend can be met. Such as using church vans
-BOHO needs to reach out and try and get support from Municipalities, Businesses, Individuals
-BOHO striving to make what is spent very efficient

Thanks to Teresa Spears for providing these notes.

Contact list available upon request (by email) to meeting participants.


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